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History of the Perrysburg Area Historic Museum

     The Perrysburg Museum had its inception when Historic Perrysburg, Inc. encouraged and sponsored the creation of a committee to investigate the formation of a long overdue area history museum. This was a cherished goal of their board member Phyllis Morton. On June 26, 2001 she spearheaded the first meeting of a group of interested citizens that established a 501c3 entity named the Perrysburg Area Historic Museum, Inc. There are still remaining original board members from that meeting.

     This is an update on the progress of our creating a museum in Perrysburg. We had originally hoped to buy the old town jail, but were unable to meet the price in the time limit set by the owner. But fortunately the 1823 Greek Revival home of Judge Aurora Spafford at 27340 West River Road was offered to and purchased by us on July 30, 2009. We have finished the long drawn-out process of meeting all the specifications required by the county and city for its renovation so we could open on June 28, 2014.

     The house came to us completely gutted with no walls, only studs defining the rooms. Not only were there cosmetic changes that had to be addressed, but the plumbing was non-existent, the electric grid had to be rewired, a security system installed, floors repaired and refinished, a parking lot created, a sidewalk and five foot-wide turning area installed at the entrance and exit, landscaping, signage, lighting, and a handicapped entrance ramp and bathroom to be built. We have worked long and hard with our contractors, Accessible Renovations; county engineer Ray Huber; our architect, Kate MacPherson; our Board liason and site manager, J. D. Justus; and historic carpenter craftsman, Jim Mackiewicz.

     The insulation, electricity, plumbing and security system were installed. Dry wall work has been completed. Sidewalks, parking areas and driveway have also been completed. In this fragile economy, it has been very difficult to raise enough money to finish everything and actually open the facility and establish a permanent reserve fund to keep it maintained. We have written seven unsuccessful grant applications, even though we used a professional grant writer for some of them. Due to building compromises concerning a new basement, aluminum-clad windows, the large fireplace removal and the house being moved approximately sixty-five feet west down the road in 1991, the house is no longer on the National Register of Historic Places.

     We will keep holding fundraisers and activities to insure the fiduciary competence for the organization and its goals. Our next project is raising the funds to erect a barn for large displays and a meeting room. 

    We are maintaining our presence at this site on a cooperative basis and have met several times with the surrounding neighbors and are sensitive to their concerns.

     We are extremely grateful for the support provided by the citizens of Perrysburg and the surrounding area, Perrysburg City Council and Perrysburg Township; after many long years...

"The Spafford House Museum Doors Are Open!"

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