Perrysburg, Ohio

After 13 long years in the making, the Perrysburg Area Historic Museum officially opened its doors on Saturday, June 28, 2014. State, county and local government representatives welcomed the  opening of the museum, stating that we owe the current status of Perrysburg as one of the best small towns in the United States to those settlers who came here in the early 1800s and established our city.


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Erin McGill 

checks John Kevern & Jim Carter in

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JoAnn, Phyllis,

Aaron & Erin

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The Museum

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Visitor's Tent

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Bob Romaker & Richard Baranowski

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Juan Artiaga, USMC Viet Nam & Bob Romaker USMC WWII

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Raising the flag

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Juan & Bob salute the flag during the playing of our national anthem

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Singing the

"Star-Spangled Banner"

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Musket Fire

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The museum's "jack-of-all trades", J. D. Justus

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Perrysburg Township Trustee Craig LaHote

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County Commissioners Jim Carter, Doris Herringshaw, Joel Kuhlman


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State Representative Tim Brown

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Perrysburg Mayor Mike Olmstead


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J.D. addresses the crowd

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Phyllis Morton cuts the ribbon, assisted by Judy Justus

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State Senator Randy Gardner presents an Ohio Senate resolution commending the opening of the museum

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Museum Trustees

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Phyllis Morton, Judy Justus, Christine Best


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